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Digital Signature Capture

Situation: Customers and in many cases Contractors who make purchases with many different products often sign / initial on a shipment list when taking delivery of product(s). After a few weeks or months they come back to the showroom to say that they don’t remember picking-up the product. This usually happens as a result of […]

Internal System Generated Barcodes

Situation: Customer is in the showroom browsing through the products on display and points to a particular product and inquires the price and availability. Usually when this happens, the Sales Associate would go and find the catalogue pertaining to the product and flip through pages to match the model number of the product and figure […]

Storage Location Information

Situation: Product(s) arrive from the Supplier for Customer and you store it in the warehouse for Customer to pick-up. By the time the Customer comes to pick-up, there have been so many other deliveries from Suppliers and you can’t remember where you stored each product. When the Customer comes-in, you are going round in circles […]

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