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Frequently Asked

Some of the most asked questions here asked by our valuable Customers…

  • Can’t I just call a handyman to fix minor electrical problems?

    handymen don’t have specialty training in electrical work. Although most have basic electrical skills, that may not be enough to ensure safety and accuracy, which may increase the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. It is best to get a professional and skilled electrician to ensure the job will be done right the first time.

  • How do you handle emergency electrical issues?

    We prioritize safety and customer satisfaction above all. Our professional and skilled electricians are always available to respond to electrical emergencies promptly, day or night.

  • Can I get your service when I need?

    Although our service is 24/7 and we are capable of instant service, it is best to pre-book our us so that we can assure that we will be available on that time.

  • Do I need to be present when your team is working?

    We know that you are busy. So once we assess the problem together, you will not need to be present as we do our work.

  • Are You Licensed and Insured?

    We respect the Govt. Laws, rules, policies and all the official documentations and procedures are well covered.

  • What are some signs that I need electrical repair work?

    you can contact us for an emergency call. Some reasons to contact us include:
    Poor lighting quality
    High energy costs
    Power surges
    regular tripping of circuit breakers.

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