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The Story

Jacob's Story

Developed specifically for Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Showrooms

When we started off developing this POS system for the Plumbing Fixture business we first wanted to understand the whole business from top to bottom, inside out. We wanted to learn the different situations and circumstances it faces on a daily basis, and how well we could develop a system that could handle anything and everything and yet be easy to use, effective to process and accurate to report and make it grow and be more successful.
And so, we listened …. and listened and spent countless number of hours understanding the business process from plumbing fixture business owners, sales staff, order desk personnel, accounting personnel, warehouse staff, and even customers.
We fully understood the business flow and the challenges that came with it. The plumbing fixture business is great, if everything goes as planned. Unfortunately that is not the case! There are so many different situations and scenarios that happen on a daily basis. And we set-out to develop a solid POS system that could not only handle every situation but also have incorporated so many different functionalities to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. And thus, Jacob was born!
In short, Jacob is a powerful POS which puts you in control of your business and makes you grow.

Effortlessly Powerful

Accurately Functioning

  • Designed for your success
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Cloud based system accessible from anywhere
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